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Online mastering, stem mastering, mix evaluation.

We are committed toimprove sound of your songs and complete albums. Ourmastering studiois equipped withanalog toolsand digital to achieveperfect balance between the precise and the musical.

We assure you that your production will sound strong and good on any system.

Marco Bremen,our mastering engineer with more than 20 years of experience in themusical production respect the vision of the mixer or producer.

It is a quality control in which it corrects what is necessary to searchbalance, musicality and powerful sound.

If you need drastic improvements or a sound similar to other productions, we can do more artistic mastering.

We offer three reviews for you to getthe sound you want.

We are in Cadiz (Spain), but we can work online and send and receive files anywhere in the world.

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TNT mastering mastering service

You can rest assured, your mix will continue to be your mix, it is a quality control in which we correct what is essential to seek balance, musicality and a powerful sound.
​If what you need is to improve or change your sound more drastically or sound similar to another production, we can do a more artistic mastering.

3 Revisions included.


Do you have a problem in your mix or a track that doesn't fit properly into the set? Don't worry, we are here to help you. If you're struggling with elements like drums, bass, or vocals, you can send us those tracks separately. We will take care of finalizing the mix and giving you the master so you can give your approval.

Stem mastering service from TNT mastering


You can send us your mix so that we can evaluate it and tell you what it fails in and how you canimprove it.

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