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Equipo de TNT mastering,mastering online.



Welcome to TNT mastering, your mastering studio in Sanlúcar de Barrameda

Here you can master your music online or come to the studio and do it in person

You canask for a Free trial to know how a song would sound once mastered, although in reality mastering consists more of homogenizing the songs of a complete album, you can still check the final sound, volume, balance, etc. and get an idea if you are looking to master a single song or ep.

Marco Bremen He is the TNT engineer with more than 20 years of experience in music production

There are many master's degrees in Spain, we aspire to be the one you choose.

Why TNT? because if you want to sound strongwe can make a master that sounds explosive without your mix suffering

TNT mastering online

Marco Bremen

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En el mundo digital de hoy, el proceso de masterizar música se ha vuelto más accesible que nunca. Con servicios de mastering online en el que ofrecemos una experiencia integral para elevar el nivel de tu música.

Hoy dia la capacidad de transmision de datos es monstruosa y no hace falta desplazarse para tener una comunicación fluida con el ingeniero y hacer rectificaciones rápidas.

La oportunidad de tener un álbum masterizado significa darle a tu música una cohesión y un brillo profesionales,creando una experiencia auditiva fluida y consistente de principio a fin ademas de adaptar el master al formato que se necesite ya sea streaming,cd o vinilo.



online mastering


Online mastering service

Essentially in mastering we are in charge of ensuring that your productions, whether singles or complete albums, are well balanced, that when giving sound they do not lose their essence, respecting as much as possible the work prior to mastering. We make sure your production sounds strong and good on any system. ​ We can also improve your sound or bring it closer to that of a reference production if that is what you need. Here we have analog tube equipment and transformers with which we can give a touch of color to your productions. We work online or in person and here you can see our rates.


Our team ofmastering It is composed of analog and digital tools, a combination that allows the balance between the precise and the musical, although the main thing is our acoustic conditioning andfirst class monitoring.

TNT mastering online.
TNT mastering team, online mastering.
masterizacion online,tnt mastering


Marco Bremen

Pirrado 34-A 11540 Sanlucar de Barrameda (Cadiz)-Spain


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